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Our 44 years' experience gives you peace of mind knowing your items are in good hands. Vega's Tailor Shop of Temecula, CA gives you the edge over the competition with quality work and affordable rates.

Our Services Give You Great Results

We strive to satisfy you, treat you right, and make you happy with our work. We have been in business for a long time. We enjoy treating people right and doing the work the way they want it.

These Testimonials Emphasize Our Proven Quality

"Vega's was great! Maria was able to get my suit (coat and slacks) done in less than 2 days. Most places take at least a week. She was more concerned about me getting it done before the wedding I needed it for than I was. Service like that is hard to find but Vega's Tailor Shop provides it. I highly recommend them."



"Went there this morning after searching for tailor shops in Temecula the night before. I needed a fastening 'hook' on a pair of dress slacks for my son, and of course, he needed it yesterday.


I walked in and showed her what I needed and in less than 15 minutes I was out the door!!! And it was very inexpensive with what appears to be quality work.


I won't forget the service and will always go back there for any tailoring needs, instead of taking it to the dry cleaners for outsourcing."



"I come here with an emergency. I was wearing a pair of jeans that were broke and I needed it to be fixed right away. They were really busy, but they fixed my pants while I was waiting inside the dressing room. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! The pants looked like it never were broke :-)"



"I love the work Mrs. Vega does and her prices are outstanding. I've been coming here for about 2 years now even though I don't live in Temecula anymore. When I come to Temecula I make sure to bring my stuff to Mrs. Vega because I don't know when I will be back. Mrs. Vega is so nice, friendly and honest. I had a jacket that I wasn't so sure if it fit right so I took it to her and she said everything looks good. I know some tailors would of said oh yeah this or that needs to be done. This is why I love Mrs. Vega, her work and her prices."

We salute our military and respect our elders with discounts. All work is 100% guaranteed.

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